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Redemption Games

Who needs tickets!? You do if you want to get that sweet, sweet swag. Luckily, the only way to get them is by having a whole lot of fun. The Rec Room Gaming Arena uses state of the art technology to enable you to play the games while tracking your credits and redemption points. Simply load, tap, play and win - quick and easy.

After you’ve racked up points on the redemption games, strut with pride over to the Trophy Case and select the spoils of victory.


March 26-30, 11AM – 4PM

Hey Students! Get a $30 game tag with 225 credits – that’s an additional 25 credits!*

* Guests who purchase a Game Tag for $30 (plus tax) will receive 225 credits.  Limit of one (1) Game Tag per person per day.  Offer is valid for purchase between 11 AM and 4:00 PM. Game Tag credits can be redeemed outside of purchase hours.  Offer available from Monday, March 26 to Friday, March 30, 2018.  The Game Tag is only valid on the date of purchase.  Offer is subject to change or expire without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer.



Whack n Win


The Classic carnival game has now been transformed into an exciting and challenging ticket game. Specifically designed to allow single player or two player collaborative play, knock down as many clowns as possible to beat the high score and get the bonus jackpot. Show off your skills or just get past your fear of clowns and win tickets for an amazing selection of prizes in our Trophy Case.

Whack n Win

Whack n Win is intuitive, challenging and rewards players with BIG ticket payouts! This is not a strength game. This skill based game will challenge you to WHACK just hard enough to hit the bonus jackpot. Win tickets and take them to our Trophy Case to win anything from a fidget spinner to high end electronics!


Every Day All Day $10.00 - 40 credits
$15.00 - 80 credits (60 credits + 20 free credits)
$20.00 - 120 credits (80 credits + 40 free credits)
$25.00 - 160 credits (100 credits + 60 free credits)
$30.00 - 200 credits (120 credits + 80 free credits)

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