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Video Games

Ready to play? Then it’s GAME ON! Put the pedal to the metal at our race track, save the world from aliens, or eat your way through the biggest Pac Man game ever. We’ve got arcade classics, racing games, first- person shooters, roller coaster simulations and more. If you like gaming, you’ll totally love it here.


March 26-30, 11AM – 4PM

Hey Students! Get a $30 game tag with 225 credits – that’s an additional 25 credits!*

* Guests who purchase a Game Tag for $30 (plus tax) will receive 225 credits.  Limit of one (1) Game Tag per person per day.  Offer is valid for purchase between 11 AM and 4:00 PM. Game Tag credits can be redeemed outside of purchase hours.  Offer available from Monday, March 26 to Friday, March 30, 2018.  The Game Tag is only valid on the date of purchase.  Offer is subject to change or expire without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer.



The Walking Dead Deluxe
Mario Kart

The Walking Dead Deluxe

The AMC hit TV series has been transformed into an arcade gaming experience unlike any other. Breaking away from the traditional controller, The Walking Dead provides a Crossbow to fend off the undead. A bone shaking sound system will keep you on the edge of your seat as you struggle through the swarms of walkers. Play with friends or play by yourself, if you dare…

Mario Kart

A spin off from the Mario Series, Mario Kart is a go kart style racing game where you can race up to 4 people. Multiple courses and a randomized selection of power ups makes every race unique. The home gaming go kart battle is brought to you in an arcade version. Great graphics, all the traditional Mario characters and the thrill of the race will bring out an unrivaled sense of competition in you and your friends.


Every Day All Day $10.00 - 40 credits
$15.00 - 80 credits (60 credits + 20 free credits)
$20.00 - 120 credits (80 credits + 40 free credits)
$25.00 - 160 credits (100 credits + 60 free credits)
$30.00 - 200 credits (120 credits + 80 free credits)

Redemption Games

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CXC Simulator

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