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Ugh, who wants to spend their fun time making change or dragging a big, heavy bucket of quarters around?!

When it comes to playing games, The Rec Room has you covered. Our credit system is easy-peasy and super-fast to use: you just load, tap and play, all with one game TAG.
This way, you’ve got more time to spend with friends and family…or prove once and for all just who is the ultimate gaming master.

Games cost an average of 5-6 credits to play - so come on in, load up and have fun! Your credits never expire, so save them for next time.

Heads up! We upgraded our game TAG technology in May 2019. If you purchased a TAG prior to this, don't worry you won't lose any of your points or credits, but we need to upgrade your tags in The Trophy Case.

Make sure you get your tags updated before you hit The Yard!!!!



Pick up a game TAG bracelet (standard or collector), and load ‘er up at a kiosk or with any of our hosts. You can reload anytime.



Scan it at any game to play, and it’ll track all your credits and redemption points.



Have a blast, then head to the Trophy Case . Or save your credits/points for next time – they never expire!


Trade in your points for prizes at the Trophy Case. Or save them for next time – they never expire!


The 411

We’re going to quiz you on this! Just kidding.
Please keep in mind the following information:

  • Green Card readers are Redemption games and you earn points
  • Blue Card readers are Video games
  • Multi-color readers are Merchandise games
  • All game-play requires a rechargeable game-tag. The cost to purchase your initial game-tag is:
    • $2 for a Regular Tag (pre-loaded with $2 of credits)
    • $5 for a Premium Collector’s Tag (pre-loaded with $2.50 in credits)
  • Average Video game is 6 credits to play
  • Average Redemption game is 5 credits to play
  • Your credits and points will never expire.