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Virtual Reality

Ready for something totally unreal? Challenge your friends to an out of this world battle in a truly immersive virtual reality experience that will leave you questioning what is, and is not real. Playing a video game while sitting next to your friends is one thing, but transporting into another reality with them playing that same game is a whole other experience.

This is a 4 player tethered VR experience with an option of 3 games: player vs. player, player vs. environment, or Cold Clash (aka. snowball fight).

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*Reservations must be made no earlier than 7 days from the date of the reservation. No same day reservations.


Every Day 10 minutes (8 minutes of game play + 2 minutes suit on/off) $6.00 - per experience
All guests are required to sign a safety waiver. If under legal age, a parent or guardian must sign the safety waiver on your behalf.