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The Rec Room is full of fun and engaging activities for you to enjoy including the latest in next generation driving simulation, virtual reality, shuffleboard, ping pong and pool tables. We also have over 80 games such as Pac Man, Angry Birds and Mario Kart. With our fresh rotation of state-of-the-art gaming, experience an infinite combination of options. We also offer a wide variety of commemorative items in our Trophy Case for you to choose from after winning big on the redemption games. The Rec Room Gaming Yard uses state of the art technology to enable you to play the games while tracking your credits and redemption points. Simply load, tap, play and win - quick and easy.

Heads up! We've upgraded our game tag technology. Don't worry you won't lose any of your points or credits, but we need to upgrade your tags! Make sure you get your tags updated at The Trophy Case before you hit The Yard.